​Parking Hero

Intelligent, fast, easy 

Intelligent traffic control and parking management

The Parkingsensor 

Advanteges of magnetic field technology

Worldwide on any device

No matter where you are, what device you use or what system runs on it. We have an API that transfers all information to every system. With our dashboard you get access from every internet compatible device.

Realtime overview

How many cars are on your parkinglot? How many procent are occupied? Who is parking for how long? Check out everything in realtime.

Pinpoint navigation

Guide your customers or employees exactly to the next free parking space. Without stress and  absolutely accurate. No matter the distance to that specific parking space. 

Capacity analysis

What areas are used the most.  What is the capacity usage through out the day. What does the traffic flow look like? Check it out.

There’s no difference between a pessimist and an optimist who don’t do nothing at all. Either way, nothing happens.”

Yvon Chouinard

"Let's create the futur together"

Matthias Fuchs

Matthias Fuchs

"To check wether an idea is good or not, you need to know if it is easy to understand and how to get everyone excited about it." 
This was my intension when I founded Parking Hero. The search for a parking space and the traffic control is nowadays very easy and specific. This leads us into a situation where digitalization is first of all simple, inexpensive and lucrative applicable.  

What do our costemers say?


The first time I heard of Parking Hero I was totally excited about it. I owe a supermarket, which you can walk just a few minutes into the city from. Many times I had the problem that people used to park there even though they didn´t buy anything in our store. Since I got the system installed it is so much more easy to oversee my costomers and those that missuse my parking lot. ​It has never been easier to control my parking . 

Jonas Lonsdorfer

Edeka Lonsdorfer


From the beginning I was surprised by the price-performance ratio. Till now we have been using parking discs to identify those who parked in our parking lot without buying productes in our store. The disadvantage was, that we often had our own costomers standing at our info point who were really angry, because the got a ticket. Since we´ve been using the new system something like that hasn´t happened and the sensors were amortised in just a couple of weeks. ​

Oliver Fiedler
Edeka Fiedler


My supermarket is right next to a very big health insurance. We don´t have a huge parking lot so all those who park on our space without permission have a huge impact on us and our sales. People started talking about those sensors very quickly after they got installed. Just because of that most of the people stoped parking illegally. We are so excited about that effect and can absolutley recommend that so solution to all other supermarket owners. ​

Daniel Czajka
Edeka Czajka

​Why the magnetic field?

​No other technic is as efficiant as well economical in production and

beneficial. But why does no one else work this way? People used to say

that the magnetic field doesn´t work like they wanted it to, but then

someone didn´t know and just did it his way. ​

The Sensor

The sensor has two main parts. The batterie with a term of 5- 7 years, as well as the magnetic field sensor which identifies a car by its magnetic signature. 

Installation of 
​the sensor´s

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